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Women’s Haircuts and Coloring Services — Lancaster PA

Women's and Men's Haircuts

Our team of hair stylists will design a look that compliments you and your lifestyle. We will custom design and cut your hair according to your facial shape, hair texture, density, and condition; incorporating your desired style.

Women’s Hair Designs

Men’s Hair Design

Hair Styling

Wash, Blowout and Flat Iron

Hair Coloring & Highlighting Services

Along with a great design, goes fabulous, vibrant color. We offer customized hair coloring services to accentuate your hairstyle, complexion, and eyes to make you look your very best..

Because we use Wella Koleston Perfect, the first truly personalized hair colorant today, you’ll be ensured maximum coverage for gray hair, natural tones and highlights, ultimate conditioning and shine that will leave your hair full of body and manageability.

Full Color

Color Retouching

Full Highlights

Partial Highlights

Face Framing Highlights

Hair Retexturing

Life doesn’t always give us the hair we wish we had. Retexturing your hair can make it more manageable and easier to care for on a daily basis. Permanent Waves add body or curl to limp, flat hair while straightening or relaxing can reduce the frizz and fullness of curly hair. Utilizing a variety of gentle techniques, we will expertly transform your hair’s current texture.

Permanent Waves

Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment

Keratin Smoothing Treatments rejuvenate over processed, over styled and over worked hair. Restore your hair’s natural Keratin for smooth, shiny hair with up to 95% reduction in frizz and curl. This specialized hair treatment is not a chemical treatment and can be used on bleached, straight, curly, and even fine hair. Schedule your free consultation today to restore your hair’s health and improve manageability.

Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment

Express Keratin Hair Blowout

Reconditioning Hair Treatments

Hair can take a beating from the environment and styling tools can damage hair over time. Recondition your dry damaged hair with protein and moisture. We offer a variety of specially formulated treatments customized for both the scalp and hair.

Reconditioning Treatments